About The Author

Robin is passionate about the FINISHED works Jesus finished for us, and AS us. And she loves empowering all people to live this FINISHED life! She and her husband Steve live in both Northern and Southern California. Robin has a Master's in both Theology and Biblical Studies and has a love for the Hebrew and Greek languages. She is a grace based Christian author of IT IS FINISHEDAWAKENED and her newest book I AM HEALED. She also has the newly released workbooks/study guides for IT IS FINISHED.


What if 2000 years ago was the catalyst that changed EVERYTHING? What if Hosea and Isaiah saw something that we haven't fully grasped.



We all arrive at the place where we are ready for an awakening! Ready to leave behind the familiar and the comfortable. Ready to embark on unfamiliar territory into the great unknown, leaving behind ALL that we thought was true. And yet knowing deep down that it’s not really the great unknown because there is One who has gone before us.

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A book to empower you in understanding your identity IN Christ... healed, whole, and complete in every area of life.




VOLUME 1 AND 2 ARE CURRENTLY AVAILABLE.  Volume 3 will be available soon.

I've designed this workbook to be used in tandem with my book, IT IS FINISHED. Although it can also stand on its own without the book. It isn't designed as a "follow along" in the book. The information in the workbook goes deeper into subjects that I didn't have room for in the book!

For example, chapter 1 in the book is Understanding Paul and in this workbook, we dive into the mystery of the Gospel and what Paul meant by "my Gospel." In other words, what defined Paul's Gospel.
In this workbook, we look at the Introduction, Preface, and chapter 1 of IT IS FINISHED. This workbook is a 5-week interactive workbook that invites your personal participation. Each week contains 5 daily lessons


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1. CURRENTLY IN PROGRESS - I AM HEALED! This class is on the the finished work of healing. FEE: Free but the purchase of book I AM HEALED is required. 

THIS SUMMER.... we are offering two classes (dates TBD)

1. Writing & Publishing - check our blog post for information on this class. FEE: $79

2. IT IS FINISHED... we will go through a study of this book weekly chapter by chapter. FEE: Free but a purchase of the book IT IS FINISHED is required. 


  • Feb. 25th, 26th, and 27th, 2022 - Burgaw, NC


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