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About The Author

DR. ROBIN SMIT is a gifted author and teacher, committed to the message of the Finished Work of Jesus Christ. She has a ThD and an MA degree in both Theology and Biblical Studies. Dr. Smit is an unparalleled voice in the message of grace highlighted by a wide array of contributions. She is the founder of  The Writer’s Society Publishing and a co-founding partner of Grace Awakening Network TV. 


Her teachings have inspired and empowered countless readers, helping them deepen their understanding of God's grace and its life-changing impact on their spiritual journey. 


She and her husband reside in California.



When the Early Church endured the tortures of the coliseum, the persecutions of Nero and others, and the obvious struggle to fight the good fight for the Gospel of Jesus it wasn't just for themselves... it was for us, here, today! When we read It Is Finished we had a strong sense that the Early Church would be proud to know that such a clear and true presentation of the Finished Work of Jesus was being proclaimed two millennia later and that their toiling was not in vain. Robin Smit stands on the shoulders of Christian giants and the Great Cloud of Witnesses must surely be cheering her on. The Father, Son, and Spirit have done it all and are calling us to believe it. Thank you Mrs. Smit for this "Good glad merry news that makes a man fairly leap for joy."
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