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Death has no say when you die....

An excerpt from my book It Is Finished (chapter 6: Signed, Sealed & Delivered!)....

In Genesis 25:7-8, Abraham is described as the sum of his years being 175, and then he breathed his last. And it says that he died in a good old age – and he was FULL. The word for full is sabea in Hebrew, which means satisfied and filled to satisfaction. It means to have a COMPLETE amount and be filled to OVERFLOWING.

Abraham was full and overflowing with satisfaction in his life. He didn’t die because of sickness or disease. He died when he was satisfied! So, I’m not saying you need to live here on this earth forever. But don’t put an age with death. Death has no dominion over you. And don’t think that you have to have some age-related sickness or disease to die. YOU DECIDE when you die… and make sure it’s when you are FULL and overflowing with satisfaction. Death has no say in the matter… it’s been DEFEATED!

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