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When Jesus had taken the vinegar he said, “It is finished!” He then bowed his head and handed over the spirit. ~ John 19:30 (Mirror Bible)

The word FINISHED is tetelestai in Greek. Charles Spurgeon said, "In the word, tetelestai, we have an ocean of meaning in a drop of language!" It is a battle term that means lay your weapons down and go home because the battle or the war is over! It is a declaration of PEACE… a declaration of your ABSOLUTE WHOLENESS!

What was accomplished at the cross and resurrection of Jesus for ALL men? A COMPLETE exchange -- our sin for His righteousness. Creating a brand-new humanity, one that is FULLY restored. ONE with Father, Son, and Holy Spirit — eternally included in Their beautiful dance of grace. And as we awaken to the revelation of IT IS FINISHED, we understand that He is not just WITH us or even just IN us, but He is AS us and living THROUGH us. Jesus said in John 17 that He glorified God on earth by completing or FINISHING the work He was given to do. What work was He given to do? To completely undo (or destroy) ALL that Adam had introduced into the world — sin and death, and all that came with it: sickness, disease, poverty, lack, fear, etcetera. Jesus completed that work when He declared IT IS FINISHED!

What if 2000 years ago was the catalyst that changed EVERYTHING? What if Hosea saw something that we haven't fully grasped? What if on the third day ALL mankind rose with Him (Hosea 6:2)? And what if we grabbed ahold of that and believed it? Would it change how we see ourselves, our circumstances, and how we see one another? What if we understood that everything hindering our ability to see like God and think like God, to rule and reign in life, was COMPLETELY removed at the cross? What if co resurrection means that we FULLY co resurrected with His mind, His faith, His victory, His beliefs, His awareness, etc.? His WHOLENESS is our wholeness! We co-resurrected, and we are as FULLY redeemed as He is! What if that is what Paul meant by new creation and this new life IN Christ? That AS He is, so are YOU right now in this life, in time and space! And if you believed all of this, what would your new life look like?

Allow Him today to stretch your understanding of what was FINISHED. Allow Him to help you embrace the boundless and eternalness of those beautiful words…. IT IS FINISHED!

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