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Life or Death.... choose!

In Deuteronomy 30:19 (NKJV), it says, I call heaven and earth to record this day against you, that I have set before you, life and death, blessing and cursing: therefore, choose life, that both thou and thy seed may live.

This version says blessing and cursing but it literally in Hebrew says The Blessing and The Curse. It’s not talking about blessings and curses. It is singular and specific! The verse also says The Life and The Death — again, singular and specific. Then it says choose life that you and your descendants will live. It doesn’t say just choose any life, it points back to that singular specific life… THE LIFE. The Life of the Blessing… the Zoe life… God’s life.

Because in choosing that Life it says you and your descendants will live! The word will live is zao in the Greek Septuagint and lists as it’s definitions: to enjoy real life, living water, having vital power in itself and exerting the same upon the soul, to be strong, full of vigor, powerful!

Choosing the Life would cause them and their generations to come to live the abundant, very good, FINISHED life!! That LIFE is a vital power in them that affected their soul… their mind, hearts, will, emotions, conscience, etc. By choosing Life, their experience would be abundant life and not the manifestations of death — sickness, disease, poverty, lack, fear, etc.

What we see here is that The Blessing is Life, and The Curse is Death. These are conditions of existence not objects of reward and punishment. We often refer to blessings as an object of reward – we receive something, and we call it a blessing that we received. Those things are the fruit of The Blessing. But what he’s talking about here is a condition of existence. A condition in which you have been placed to live in and to dwell. That condition before the cross used to be called The Death or The Curse. Now it’s called The Life or The Blessing.

1 Jn 5:12 says He that hath the Son hath The Life. We could also say he who has the Son has The Blessing. Again, when he talks about The Curse and The Blessing here, he’s not talking about some reward or punishment – but a condition of existence. Just like sin and death were conditions of existence.

So, The Curse on humanity was Death and the curses (plural) were simply the natural effects of a spiritual root. They were men’s natural experiences that resulted from The Curse or Death. That’s why sickness and disease are not of a biological origin. And why poverty and lack do not originate in the economy, in your job, etc. They are all the effects of The Death or The Curse. So, The Curse on humanity was death and the curses were simply the effects of this spiritual root called Death.

We as the body of Christ, as believers, haven’t gone far enough in our understanding. We haven’t understood the FULLNESS of His FINISHED work and what that means for us — WHOLENESS in every area of our lives, FILLED with ALL the FULLNESS of the Godhead and EMPOWERED to live in the realm of SPIRIT. ALL of that NOW in this earthly life!

In Galatians 3:13 it does NOT say Christ has redeemed us from the curses (plural) having borne the curses (plural) on His body on the cross. It says Christ has redeemed us from The Curse having become The Curse.

Christ becoming The Curse means He became ALL of Death – just like He became ALL of Sin — He became ALL of Death so that ALL of Life could become your ONLY condition. He became ALL of Sin so that ALL of Righteousness could become your ONLY condition. He became ALL Sin and Death – and we became ALL Righteousness and Life… we became ONLY ALL Blessed! He redeemed us from a condition — not from things. He redeemed us from The Curse — He did NOT redeem us from sickness, disease, lack etc. And BECAUSE He redeemed us from the CAUSE (The Curse - Death) there are NO curses that remained… NO SICKNESS, NO DISEASE, NO LACK, NO FEAR, ETC.

Our condition now is ONLY the God LIFE, ONLY the BLESSING. This is the condition of our existence whether we know it or not, and whether we believe it or not. You’re not blessed because you get things — you’re blessed because you have The Life. And because you have The Life, you live in this place called The Blessing. They’re synonymous. And in that place (that Paul calls NEW LIFE) there is NO SICKNESS, NO DISEASE, NO LACK, NO FEAR, ETC.


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