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New book I AM HEALED is now available....

I AM HEALED is now available on Amazon in both Kindle and paperback! Click the link at the bottom of this post to grab your copy!

It made #6 on Amazon's Top 100 best seller list within its first 24 hours!!!

Here are some of the comments it's received on Facebook......

  • “I bought the kindle version and was highlighting a bunch of stuff and then…got to the “prologue” page. I must’ve basically highlighted the whole introduction! It was so deep I didn’t even realize the chapters hadn’t even started! . So very excited to devour this book - I’m forcing myself to slow down so I can digest. Thank you, thank you, for focusing on this topic as it’s near and dear to my heart ”

  • "I am about a quarter of the way through your book, "I Am Healed" and absolutely loving it. I am 80 years old but expect this is going to help and change me in a lot of ways. I just wanted to thank you for putting your heart and soul into this work and will be writing an endorsement upon completion."

  • "I read the sample on Amazon kindle…. Pardon me, but it lit a fire right up under my booty. Im excited to read the whole thing. Did you ever watch those videos of kids trying on prescription glasses or getting a hearing aide? Their minds are BLOWN to see how different everything is when are senses are perfected. Yup that’s me as I learn Like WHAT how is this such a new concept and experience when I’ve known the same Jesus my whole life? The ability to see and hear more clearly."


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