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Realm of Limitless Possibilities

An excerpt from my book (It Is Finished)......

It’s the Word IN us that is life to our flesh. Not the words of the Bible that we memorize and confess when we think we need healing. NO! The Word, the Logos, Jesus Christ Himself, Yahweh, is the Life to our flesh.

And He is SEATED. He is at rest because ALL is finished. He made our spirit/soul (our inner man) and our physical body (outer man) whole, NOW in this life. To the degree of our awareness of these things will be our experience in life. Revelation 3 ends with Jesus saying that He sat down because He overcame. We know that we sat down with Him (Ephesians 2:6), and so we also overcame! We are not still trying to be or to have anything. We OVERCAME and SAT DOWN with Him. We are co-seated because we co-overcame! His victory IS our victory.

Revelation 4:1 in the Mirror Bible says, “Talking about our co-seatedness, I want you to see something! Oh wow! What I see takes my breath away! A wide-open door in the heavenly realm! The first thing I heard was this voice addressing me! It was distinct and clear, like the sound of a trumpet; it captured my attention, inviting me to enter. Come up here and I will show you how everything coincides with what you have already seen!”

The Mirror Bible in their note section comments on this open door as a dimension of limitless possibilities open, right in front of our eyes!

In verse 2, it says that immediately John’s eyes were opened, and he saw the One SEATED on the throne!!

And when YOU hear the trumpet (the Awakening Blast we talked about in chapter nine!), your eyes will be opened to see your co-seatedness with Him.

And you’ll see the realm of limitless possibilities that are wide open before you! You will see that IN HIM, IN your FULL redemption, you have NO confining barriers or limitations (the actual meaning of redemption!). You will see that you are WHOLE now in this life. And you will no longer long for, or groaning for, the day when you can go to heaven because you will realize that you are ALREADY seated there in this life right NOW!

This needs to become our awareness!!

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