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When I was taking a Hebrew class, I would study the words on flashcards. One of the words I came across was the word "season or time" which is "et" or עת in Hebrew. And it got me thinking about it's meaning.

I love the prophetic. And there have been numerous times I've received prophetic words in my life that confirmed what the Spirit of God had already spoken to me regarding His direction or things concerning my destiny. And it gave me the boldness to act on it... to walk it out. Notice I didn't say it made me think I needed to do something to bring it to pass. It simply gave me the courage I sometimes needed to walk in what He had already been speaking in my heart.

But most of the prophetic words I hear people give, are about seasons. For example, a season of miracles, season of favor, season of restoration, time of breakthrough, etc. And almost all of these prophetic words use Old Testament Scriptures to confirm them. And the focus of these prophetic words is usually on our doing something before we can enter into a season. Such as, God will release favor in our lives IF we're faithful to do all He has said.

And I don't have an issue with "seasons" per se. But the problem with seasons is it keeps us focused on a timeframe. My husband and I have a farm and farming is a seasonal business. Even in California where we farm year round, we still have seasonal crops. And if we're not careful, we catch ourselves using "season phrases" that box us into ways of thinking. For instance, cherry season is financially great, apple season we can finally rest, summer fruit season is BUSY, and December to January is our leanest season, etc. And while all of that seems to be true in the "natural," it can keep us boxed into certain expectations or limitations. Keeping us walking in by sight and not by faith.

Prophetic words involving seasons can do the same. They keep us future focused on what Jesus is going to do, instead of what Jesus has already done. They keep us looking at just one thing for the "season" such as God's favor instead of looking at the full FINISHED work of Christ IN our lives and the truth that He has given us ALL things that pertain to life and godliness NOW.

The Hebrew word for season is et or עת in Hebrew. It is made up of the letters ayin and tav. The letter ayin is the idea of seeing and watching as well as knowledge. It is a word describing an eye…or the insight, seeing or perceiving with God's perspective. And tav in Hebrew is the strength or power of the cross or the sign of the covenant.

I love that! God's seasons in our life are all comprised of seeing things from His perspective, and that perspective is Jesus and His FINISHED work (Heb 1:1-3). In every season of my life, I should expect ALL that was FINISHED to be in operation in my life. No matter what a natural season may look like in my life, it is still a season of favor, abundance, health, goodness, grace, wisdom, breakthrough, prosperity, sonship, freedom, deliverance, etc.

In Luke 4:19 Jesus declared it a year of God's favor or a year of Jubilee. Year is a cycle of time... a season. The root word for Jubilee in Hebrew is yabal, which means to flow. Jesus provided a continual flow for us in every season of our life. We don't just have a season of favor, a season of peace, or a time of abundance. We have a lifetime of continual fulfillment.... of the ALL things that He FINISHED for us and as us.

I still read prophetic words that come across my path about seasons, but now I read them as a reminder of what Jesus has done and what is already mine because of HIs covenant. What did the FINISHED work of the cross provide? That's your season! Walk in the revelation of it! And walk in the victory of it everyday!

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