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Shema is not the same as obey!

We've made Christianity all about a life of obedience instead of expression. But the word we translate as obey is the Hebrew word shema. It is a beautiful word of hearing. Hearing and responding from the heart with love. It is a saying of yes before you even know what is being asked of you. Like when my husband says, "Honey, will you do me a favor?" My response isn't what's the favor, and then I'll decide. The decision is immediate from a heart of love, "Yes!" That's shema! It's a place of rest.

The Father says, "You are whole NOW!" And my heart without fully understanding what it responds, "Yes!" He says, "You are FULLY redeemed NOW!" And again, my heart responds, "Yes!"

Those simple yesses of shema release Holy Spirit to breathe His revelation of wholeness, fully redeemed, etc. and THEN understanding comes.

And I begin to understand His great passion for me! I begin to realize that He FINISHED ALL for me! And as a result, my heart is at rest in Him, finding sweet confidence in our co-union. And I desire to journey deeper with Him into this place called grace. Allowing Him to stretch the borders of my understanding of IT IS FINISHED, of my wholeness, my completeness in Him… allowing it to cover EVERY aspect of my life. And I feel like the bride in Song of Solomon – I have found the One my soul loves!!

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