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What about...?

Every time I teach on the FINISHED work of healing, it results in the question, “what about…?”

The “dot dot dot” of that question is always different based on someone’s individual experience, but it’s always the same question… “what about…?” It stirs up questions like, “Why are some people not healed?” and "Why do some suffer through disease?" But there is no answer for a question that is formed out of something that is not true? The reason I can’t answer questions like “what about…?” is because there is no way to answer that. The ONLY answer I can give is God said ALL are healed, so ALL are healed. DONE! FINISHED! And all our “what abouts” have to fall away from our thinking. We may not understand why God says all are healed when from our perspective, from our vantage point it doesn’t look like it, BUT because He said it’s true, we must side with Him. We must agree with what He KNOWS is true versus what our EXPERIENCE tells us is true.

There is no answer for “why are people not healed?” other than THEY ARE! Because God sees ALL mankind healed and prosperous. The grace of the Jesus extending prosperity and health was to ALL humanity not just to believers. We need to realize that there is no answer to that question except that BECAUSE God says ALL men are healed and ALL men are prosperous, THEN it’s a fact that all men are healed, and all men are prosperous. FINISHED!

And yet, for those who don’t understand this they will try to formulate answers to those questions by giving methods that will produce healing or prosperity. Answering those questions with “it must be because they haven’t….” Or “because they didn’t….” And for every reason you can fill in the blank, there is a book written or a message preached about what you must DO to be healed or prosperous, and a new teaching arises out of their carnal, naturally minded way of thinking.

And in their attempt to answer these questions, we come up with doctrines that we think will soothe the condition of the moment. Excuse doctrines such as doctrines of demons, generational curses, instruction in Judaistic customs, returning to the law, etc. Telling people “The reason you’re not healed is because it must be a generational curse in your life, or a demonic attack.” And the revival of Judaism in the church is because some have thought it was a key to achieve the promises of God in our lives. So, they promote going back into Old Covenant practices that they think are related to the promises of God because all the promises of God first appeared in the Old Testament.

But all these things are carnally minded approaches trying to fix spiritual problems with natural means. They are nothing more than attempts to resolve carnal issues with natural reasoning and numerous carnal formulas and methods…and it can’t be done!

BECAUSE the ONLY answer is ALL men ARE healed and ALL men ARE prosperous – it’s a spiritual condition. It’s FINISHED. And all we do is simply believe it…. co-believing with Abba what He believes is true about us!

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