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IT IS FINISHED Workbook Volume 1 - Understanding Paul

It is now available for purchase on Etsy or directly through me for $15.99. This workbook is a downloaded e-book. I've designed this workbook to be used in tandem with my book, IT IS FINISHED. Although it can also stand on its own without the book. It isn't designed as a "follow along" in the book. The information in the workbook goes deeper into subjects that I didn't have room for in the book!

For example, chapter 1 in the book is Understanding Paul and in this workbook, we dive into the mystery of the Gospel and what Paul meant by "my Gospel." In other words, what defined Paul's Gospel.

This workbook looks at the Introduction, Preface, and chapter 1 of IT IS FINISHED. This workbook is a 5-week interactive workbook that invites your personal participation. Each week contains 5 daily lessons.

My hope for you as you go through this workbook is that you better understand Paul and his Gospel at the end of the study. And that you have a firm foundation on which to build as we go further in the book IT IS FINISHED.

You can message me to order and pay through Paypal and I will send you an email download.

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