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What our readers are saying.... 

"Robin has written both a personal and scholarly summary of the finished work of Christ Jesus. Her use of Koine Greek study to unwrap the scriptures is nothing short of beautiful. She clearly used her own life experiences of study and meditation to share what has been revealed to her. If you are looking to understand all that the finished work of Jesus the Christ means for you, I encourage you to pick up this wonderful book that will help you discover your true identity and bring you freedom to be yourself."

"I loved this book! The truth of God's unconditional love through the finished work of the cross is described in great detail by Robin Smit. The unveiling of what has always been in Christ...we are whole! Robin is well researched in scripture interpretation through various resources & has the ability to explain these truths in layman terms. Because this book was incredibly informative & professionally written, I have purchased all of Robin's books. If you want to know the truth of your wholeness in Christ through the finished work of the cross, this book is definitely for you!"


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