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He FINISHED ALL our works

Isaiah 26:12 says, "LORD, You will establish peace (shalom – wholeness) for us, for You have also done all our work for us." (Isaiah 26:12, Holman Christian Bible – emphasis mine).

YES! He did it ALL for us! There is nothing for us to do but simply REST in His FINISHED works. We can stop trying to have enough faith, love, strength, holiness, steadfastness, etcetera. All of that has been FINISHED, completed, perfected for us. It's His faith, His strength, His holiness, His steadfastness, etc. that is ours.

Romans 5:1 tells us that we have been justified by faith, and we have peace with God through (Greek: dia – completely, successfully through) our Lord Jesus Christ.

We have peace; we have WHOLENESS because ALL that He did He did for us – AS us!

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