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Monday on our zoom I was asked about the power of our imagination. It is true that our imagination is a powerful gift from God! The ability to SEE apart from our natural vision, WOW! Only God could put such a remarkable gift and ability IN us. But how did God intend for us to use this beautiful gift?

As kids we used our imagination all the time. When we read a book our imagination takes us to these faraway places and worlds and we get wonderfully lost in it. But specifically in regards to the FINISHED work, how can we draw from it the maximum benefit?

The word imagination in the Webster's dictionary says: the faculty or action of forming new ideas, or images or concepts of external objects not present to the senses; it is the ability of the mind to be creative or resourceful.

I think we get a better idea of imagination when we look at it in the Hebrew...

In Hebrew there are two words for imagination... yatsar and deemyon. The word yatsar is to form, fashion, and purpose. It is to squeeze into shape as a potter does with clay. The word deemyon means resemblance, likeness, similarity. The root of the word is damah which we see in Genesis 1:27 - we were created in His image and also according to His likeness (damah).

The ability of our mind to be creative and resourceful, to form images, and concepts not present to the senses is an amazing gift of God IN us! But what does that look like when it comes to imagining this FINISHED life? Are we to imagine things such as cars, houses, discounts, wealth, being healed of sickness and disease, etc., and then wait for them to manifest? Or is there a better use of our imagination that instead of imagining things, uses our imagination to form images, concepts, and new ideas in regards to our identity? Because once that happens, we no longer wait for a manifestation but rather rest in the KNOWING that we have been given (already!) ALL things pertaining to life and godliness... that we lack nothing!! The more our imagination operates in that area (of identity), the more we simply rest and abide in what is already ours... no longer striving to SEE a manifestation.

I believe we are to use our imagination using the mind of Christ and SEEING (or imagining) in us what He sees. And our mind renews as it co-imagines with Him, and like a potter, we begin to form (yatsar) images, ideas, and concepts by SEEING Him and as a result, SEEING who we really are as image and likeness (damah) of Him. He is whole and complete... therefore we are whole and complete. He is co-seated and we are co-seated. And our mind's eye (our imagination) begins to SEE these truths about our identity.

In this use of our imagination, we are no longer seeing from a place of lack. In other words, we are no longer seeing that we are sick and IF we can just imagine good health, or imagine Jesus healing us, THEN we will manifest healing. NO..... we see His image and know we are the same image. There is no sickness because His image is whole so therefore we are whole! We are not seeing that we are struggling financially and IF we can imagine being wealthy, getting a new job, receiving a check in the mail, etc., THEN we will manifest these things. NO... the real power of imagination is seeing His image... He is abundant and prosperous in ALL things... therefore we are abundant and prosperous in ALL things!

The powerful ability of imagination is not IF and THEN language! This becomes striving and works. It's all about us and our ability.

The key to imagination is: HE is and THEREFORE I am language! This is rest! It's all about HIm and what He has done for us, and as us. And from that place of rest the manifestation of our FULL, FINISHED inheritance is effortless.

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